Divine Productions- Video Marketing That Converts Viewers Into Customers.

Grow your business with your own TV channel on Roku. YouTube Marketing and Facebook Marketing are expensive and a waste of time, money, and energy. Eliminate marketing costs and explode your ROI.

Make Your Brand Stand Out.

BRAND ASSOCIATION:Both TV chnnels and programmes are themselves powerful brands. Their prestige, popularity, and perceived values can rub off on those brands associated with them.

EMOTIONS: A brand can create a deep emotional relationship with the hearts of loyal viewers.

ISOLATION: Programmes and brands can be seen by viewers, with guaranteed prime-position and maximum visibility with your chosen target audience.

MULTIPLE STRATEGIES: TV channels can be used to fulfill a variety of roles for brands, from launching new products with scale and importance, repositioning increased recall, creating frame and influencing purchase decisions.

Divine Productions- Who We Are.

Divine Productions isa video marketing agency and TV Network specializing in Roku TV Creation. We help clients leverage video content to generate revenue, grow their brands, and exceed their goals with the best return on investment.

Divine Productions network reaches millions of viewers in the U.S, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and France. We offer viewers access to full episodes of their preferred programs through Roku's video-on-demand channels. Divine Productions is the online destination for show information, episodes, updates, web exclusives and more.

Divine Productions is a diversified Canadian media company that's working to deliver a great experience to our customers every day.

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